Apps / Websites Usage Tracking

The app/website usage tracking feature of Mera Monitor allows you to keep track of applications and websites being used by your employees.

Some of Its Key Features are

  • Automatic Apps/Website Usage Tracking: With Mera Monitor you can track the apps/websites being used by your employees during work hours.
  • Timelines: Mera Monitor gives you the freedom to analyze an employee’s productivity during a specified time by selectively choosing from hourly time intervals.
  • System Activity: In the system activity section you find the detailed report of apps and websites including the start and end time of the user’s activity with custom dates.
  • Productive VS Unproductive Web and App Usage: Mera Monitor gives you a productivity report i.e. time spent on productive apps and websites as compared to time spent on unproductive apps and websites.
July 1, 2024
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