Overview of the Dashboard

The Dashboard is designed to offer comprehensive analytics for streamlined management and optimization of workforce performance. Here are the key components featured on the Dashboard:
  • Active Time: It showcases the duration of employee screen activity throughout the day.
  • Idle Time It displays the total time when the employee screen is on but no activity is performed.
  • Total Hours: Total hours encompass both the active time and idle time on the employee screen during their working hours.
  • First Activity: It shows the timestamp of the first activity performed by the employee during the day marking the commencement of their work.
  • Last Activity: It shows the timestamp of the last activity performed by the employee in the day marking the conclusion of work on that day.
  • Last 7 Days Report: The weekly report chart is presented through a horizontal bar graph illustrating the active time, idle time, holidays, and work hours of employees over the past 7-day period.
June 4, 2024
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