Functionality and Usage

Can I manually add time or edit time manually?

Yes! Mera Monitor has a time claim feature that enables users to manually enter their lost time and have it switched from offline hours to active hours.

When does the Mera Monitor send daily email reports?

Mera Monitor sends daily reports before 09:30 am every day, based on your organization’s time zone. You can change your organization’s time zone by navigating to

How long does Mera Monitor take to sync data between the Desktop App and Reports?

The Mera Monitor desktop application and the servers sync every 10 minutes. The data can sometimes take longer to sync. Here are some possible reasons for a delay in data syncing: A slow internet connection (on the user’s side) Antivirus or firewall restrictions (on the user’s side) High traffic on the servers (which will resolve…

How to download the “Time Tracker” report for an individual/team?

Users can download their own time tracker report, Manager can download their respective team members time tracker report, and admin can download time tracker report of entire organization. Navigation: – User login to Mera Monitor application ==> Expand the report tab ==> Click on time tracker ==> Select the user from dropdown menu ==> Select…

How to claim an Idle/Away/Offline time to active time?

An active user can claim “Idle/Away/Offline” time, please follow the navigation steps. Navigation: – User login to Mera Monitor application ==> Expand the “Time Claim” tab ==> Click on Claim ==> Select the time and click on time claim action button ==> Set the time to claim ==> Provide the reason ==> Click on Claim…

How to remove an active member from the organization?

Admin can remove an active member from the organization, to do so admin needs to follow the navigation steps. Navigation: – Admin login to Mera Monitor==> Expand the member tab ==> Click on Member info ==> Select the member and click on “Delete Member” action button.

Does Mera Monitor facilitate to onboard multiple new members together?

Yes, Mera Monitor provide facility to onboard multiple members together, please follow the navigation steps Navigation: – Visit  ==> Expand Member tab in left menu bar ==> Click on Member info tab ==> Download the sample file ==> Fill the necessary information of all the user ==> Click on Upload button and upload the…

How does an admin change manager of a user?

Navigation: – Visit ==> Expand Member tab in left menu bar ==> Click on Change manager ==> Select an existing manager from dropdown ==> Select the member to whom you want to change manager ==> Expand to manager dropdown and select the new manager ==> Submit the request.

How does an admin onboard a new member?

Navigation: – Visit ==> Expand Member tab in left menu bar ==> Click on Member info tab ==> Click on “+ New Member” button ==> Fill all the necessary fields ==> Click on “Add Member” button ==> Member will be registered and placed under inactive user list ==> Goto Inactive tab ==> Select newly…

How does Mera Monitor calculate Offline time?

Offline time calculation considers the time when your machine is not active between the last activity of the current day and first activity of next day.

How does Mera Monitor calculate Idle time?

Idle time calculation depends on the “idle timeout” value set in your configuration settings. If the “idle timeout” value for your organization is 5 minutes and you do not provide any keyboard/ mouse input to your computer for 5 minutes or more, that duration will be considered as “idle” and will appear in your reports…

What is the maximum CPU usage of Mera Monitor?

The CPU usage of Mera Monitor is negligible, ensuring that it does not significantly impact system performance.

Can Mera Monitor adapt to switching between different systems?

Mera Monitor is designed to accommodate various work setups, including office and remote teams, which suggests its adaptability to different systems.

Is Mera Monitor compatible with a work-hierarchy structure?

Yes, Mera Monitor is designed with a role hierarchy mechanism that supports various levels such as team, user, and organization roles. This facilitates the use of the software in a work-hierarchy structure.

Does Mera Monitor work without an internet connection?

Yes, Mera Monitor has offline capabilities for tracking work hours, and all the tracked information, including screenshots, will take place accordingly once the internet connection is restored.

Does Mera Monitor need any manual effort to start the timer?

No, the Mera Monitor application starts automatically as soon as the system is active. However, users can get access from admin to stop and start the timer manually for a configured time duration.