Productivity Reports

Mera Monitor creates real-time screen reports of employees’ screens that help in accurate tracking of their activities during work hours. It offers detailed reports of all the activities done in the form of graphs, tables, and charts for easy inspections.

Key Features of ProductivityReports

  • Time Tracker: It shows the details of the employee or team’s screen engagement during the selected range of time.
  • System Activity: It gives details of apps or links opened in a selected time range with their URLs, app names, start time, and time spent on the page..
  • Activity Summary: It shows the activity summary of the employee with accurate timings of the first activity, last activity, activity status, and time spent on the activities during the day.
  • Productivity Graph: It shows the graph of the productivity of an employee or a team during a selected time range.
  • Attendance: It displays the table of the employee’s or team’s attendance in a selected time range.
  • Timeline: It gives a detailed report of employees’ activity during the day with an accurate timeline.
  • Productive vs Unproductive: It gives a comparison between the productive and unproductive usage of applications by the user, team, or department during work hours.
July 1, 2024
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